Young People SPEAK OUT!

Young People Speak Out!


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FORWARD Women are always keen to meet other young women who are passionate about ending gender based violence. Don't worry if you feel your knowledge of FGM needs some work, free training and support about FGM, leadership and advocacy, as well as many more great skills, is readily available

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Think Again: The Film


Young People Speak Out (YPSO!) is a program that empowers young people (aged 16 -24) from FGM practicing countries with the skills to advocate within their local communities against FGM and early/child marriages. There are currently four areas in which the YPSO program functions: London, Middlesbrough, Bristol and Rochdale.

Fuelled by the enthusiasm and momentum of the youth advocates YPSO is expanding its activities, and regional outreach through skills training, awareness raising, and building partnerships with community based organizations.

The London group, FORWARD women, comprising of motivated and strong young women has been in operation since 2006. It is an awareness raising and advocacy group which believes that the youth can be a powerful implement of change. The purpose of this group is to not only empower and enlighten others but to begin to form a platform for young women to propel themselves into society with a strong mind, heart and presence to be able to achieve anything they put their mind to.

Its activities are numerous and varied. They have included spoken word and music events, the production of a DVD and the publication of educational materials. Although the main focus is highlighting the impact of FGM, the events aim to educate, empower and inspire the public to take a stand on gender discrimination and gender based violence.

The spoken word and music events included Words Of Magnitude And Nurture (W.O.M.A.N), a celebration of International Women's day on March the 8th of 2010, and Let's Make Noise a powerful event that explored FORWARD's work through monologues and performances written by participants of the Youth programme.

Think Again is the DVD produced by the YPSO branch in London. Its engaging script considers a young girls situation when faced by the prospect of being forced to undergo FGM. The DVD is now available and includes additional footage of FGM explained The Making Of.

The Information, Services and Support Guide (ISS guide) is a publication written by young people for young people. It is a comprehensive yet easy to understand guide about FGM looking in particular at the current situation in the UK. The ISS guides are one of the many publications produced by YPSO! And FORWARD.

Woman; Whose Canvas? A Photography and Art exhibition held near Brick Lane, East London invited artists representing Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US to showcase the various cultural definitions of female beauty and the cost for women globally to attain perfection. This event raised over £600 and the profile of FORWARD's work as well as what passionate young people can achieve in the campaign for gender equality.

FORWARD's 25th Anniversary Concert 2010 celebrated 25 years of FORWARD's work advancing the rights of women and girls. An all African female line up of traditional and contemporary music ensured an uplifting experience of women's empowerment for all who attended.

Upcoming Events

As FORWARD Women grows stronger and more confident we are able to pioneer new campaign initiatives, taking the knowledge and skills gained further into the community. This year we plan to achieve the following;

  • A Peer education training programme for all members on gender based violence in the context of culture and identity and leadership skills development.

  • A mentoring scheme for younger youth aged 12-18 in schools and youth groups in Camden.

  • Creative Public awareness and fundraising events.

  • Engaging males in gender issues and establishing a supportive campaign group for young men from the African Diaspora.

Take action!

Take action

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