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COVID-19 appeal

COVID-19 appeal

“Since the lockdown I have felt trapped, stuck in a suffocating corner with him. He’s cut me off from my family and friends. I have no one. Everything is in his control.’ Sarah, London

Sarah and her partner recently moved to the UK. Ever since the Coronavirus lockdown, she says he has become even more abusive.  She feels dependent on him for money, for shelter, even for remaining in the UK. She doesn’t know what would happen if she left him.

During this crisis we know that migrant women will be some of the hardest hit. Struggling with uncertain migration status, and fearing deportation, they now have even less access to economic, legal and health support.

At FORWARD, we are working tirelessly to protect these vulnerable women. Our specialist team provide them with culturally sensitive advice and support. This may be counselling, emotional support, or referrals to legal or financial services.

We need your help to do more. Your support will be invaluable for us to continue our life-changing support.

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Thank you very much for supporting FORWARD's vision of the day when African girls and women will live in dignity, are healthy, have choices and enjoy equal rights free from fear of gender violence!

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