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PEER Research

“Do not hide yourselves, you are not cursed”: A PEER Study on Obstetric Fistula, Mpwapwa, Dodoma, Tanzania (FORWARD and UTU Mwanamke, December 2014)

“No girl should be a child bride”: Taking Action to End Child Marriage in Lay Amachiho District, Amhara Region, Ethiopia (FORWARD and ProFutures Development Initiative, July 2014)

‘I used to cry a lot every night': Voices of Women with Obstetric Fistula in Bo, Sierra Leone (FORWARD and Haikal Foundation, April 2014)

In Their Own Words: Girls from Liberia on Sexuality, Pregnancy and Services (FORWARD and Planned Parenthood Association of Liberia, 2012)

Voices of Child Brides and Child Mothers in Tanzania: A PEER Report on Child Marriage (FORWARD and Children’s Dignity Forum, 2010)

Women’s Experiences, Perceptions and Attitudes of Female Genital Mutilation: Bristol PEER Study (FORWARD, January 2010)

FGM and Religion

FGM & Islam Leaflet (FORWARD, Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the NHS, 2014)

Resources for Professionals 

Responding to FGM – A Guide for Key Professionals (FORWARD and CHANGE, 2014)

Resources for Young People

Female Genital Mutilation – Frequently Asked Questions: A Campaigner’s Guide for Young People  (FORWARD, 2012)

Femle Genital Mutilation: Information, Services and Support Guide (FORWARD, 2013)

16 ways to help end FGM (FORWARD, 2013)