Schools & professionals training

Schools & professionals training

Our school workshops and training support students and educators to help them protect girls at risk of FGM. And, our training for professionals such as teachers and healthcare workers helps improve their capacity to respond to the unique needs of African women and girls.

Schools workshops and training

Our multi-award-winning UK Schools Programme, delivered by FORWARD’s experienced facilitators provides a comprehensive, and wide range of age appropriate services and activities for primary and secondary schools; and higher education institutions.

We deliver age-appropriate and culturally sensitive sessions at the primary level 5 and 6 and to secondary and college students. We also offer Safeguarding Sessions for all staff members in a train the trainer’s courses.

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Professionals’ training

Our accredited and tailored training equip professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to safeguard at-risk women and girls from FGM and other harmful practices. Organisations that have sought FGM training with us include the NSPCC FGM Helpline staff, Barnardo’s FGM Centre, volunteers at the Red Cross, as well as countless local safeguarding children’s boards, midwives and other health care professionals.

We also offer Open College Network (OCN) accredited courses and other certified training for professionals and frontline staff.

As well as training staff from leading children’s organisations, we’ve trained over 4,000 teachers, health professionals, police officers and other frontline staff over the last decade.

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We also offer bespoke training courses tailored to your specific needs. For more information, please contact [email protected]