Our programme teams work with women, girls and the wider community in the UK, Europe and Africa. We believe that building bridges between Africans in the diaspora and in their home countries can positively influence change for women and girls affected by gender-based violence.

FORWARD’s programmes use a holistic, participatory and rights-based approach. This means that we focus on the different needs of affected women and girls – such as education on rights and ways to advocate for them, available services and local support, as well as skills and opportunities to achieve economic independence. It also means that our programmes are always shaped by insights from the community, – as well our understanding of the different factors (political, economical, social) affecting the every day experiences of African women and girls.

Through our programmes, we continue to raise awareness of the effects of harmful practices on women and girls. We do this by facilitating community-wide engagement activities with boys, men, religious leaders, frontline professionals, policy-makers, media and the general public.

Our current programmes run in: Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Somaliland, England, Scotland and Wales.

We have completed programmes in Gambia, Nigeria, Sudan, Liberia, Kenya. Find Out More about our Past Programmes.

Our programmes

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