African women & girls in the UK

African women & girls in the UK

Many African women experience multiple forms of violence. These result in multiple challenges and needs which we respond to by offering a range of support services to improve their well-being. This includes mental, emotional and legal support, as well as guidance on how to access to specialist health services.

We also believe that African women in the UK can play a large role in changing attitudes and mind-sets about harmful practices in communities in the UK and Africa. Our community training programmes supports them with skills to be advocates for change amongst their peers, families and the wider community.

We work with local communities in an engaging and accessible way. We raise awareness about FGM and other forms violence against women and girls; we also provide tailored training and support services. We encourage and empower women, girls and men to exercise their rights and to act as leaders and advocates for change in their communities. Our community engagement takes place at public events, community spaces, schools and places of worship.

“I’ve learnt how to approach FGM affected community without upsetting them” Trainee


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