Our Impact

Our Impact

Founded in 1983, FORWARD has played a key role in placing FGM on the national and global agenda as a violation of human rights. Our approach to women’s issues highlights the links between FGM and other harmful practices, from child marriage to domestic and sexual violence, as well as their negative effect on African women and girls.

At FORWARD, we support affected women and girls on the ground – bringing together communities, developing skills and knowledge, and nurturing young women leaders of tomorrow. We work strategically to challenge and support decision-makers and practitioners – conducting community research, building partnerships and creating opportunities to transform lives.

In the last 5 years we have:

  • 10,000

    Professionals trained

    FORWARD trains over 2,500 professionals annually. Through its accredited and tailored training, it equips teachers, health professionals, and other frontline staff with the knowledge and skills to effectively safeguard women and girls affected or at risk of FGM.

  • 36,000

    Students taught about their body and rights in UK schools

    FORWARD’s Schools engagement has been running for 5 years. It prepares students with the knowledge and confidence to support themselves and their peers from FGM. The programme received two national awards – the Royal society of Public Health Award and The 2015 Charity Awards prize.

  • 24,393

    School girls and boys mobilised in Africa

    FORWARD runs in-school and out-of-school clubs to mobilise young girls and boys to fight violence against women and girls in their schools and their community. FORWARD reached more than 20,000 young girls and boys through its work in Tanzania, Uganda, and Sierra Leone.

Stories of change

Saviour's story

Saviour's story

Saviour tells her of story of healing from a broken marriage and becoming a feminist and a leader, through taking part in our TuWezeshe leadership programme.

Rochelle's story

Rochelle's story

Rochelle talks about her journey of leadership and her initiative to inspire and empower young black girls at school.

Building a movement

Building a movement

Without the support FORWARD has given us our organisation would not have been able to grow as quickly. Their assistance goes beyond the financial; we’ve benefited a lot from FORWARD’s knowledge and expertise.



People who see me now as a smiling, confident young lady might be surprised to learn of my journey. My parents arranged for me to be wed when I was just 12-years-old. I lost all of my hopes and dreams, and I had very low esteem.

Our programmes

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