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How we work for women and girls

How we work for women and girls

We believe that eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls requires an approach which responds to, and addresses the links between multiple forms of violence many African women and girls experience.

Our programme model is always informed by participatory research and engagement.  This involves listening to community insights and voices, which we use to develop strategic, evidence-based programmes and partnerships.

We believe that ending the acceptance of harmful practices begins by engaging with affected communities, health, education, social care professionals and decision makers – at local and national levels.

Our approach focuses on:

  • Supporting individuals and affected communities
  • Promoting a rights-based agenda focussing on equality, empowerment and participation of individuals, communities and policymakers
  • Training and supporting community champions to lead change locally
  • Education and training for healthcare, education, social service providers, as well as partner organisations, by raising awareness of cultural sensitivities and preventative measures to protect and support vulnerable women and girls
  • Creating and nurturing networks with and between partner organisations in the UK, Europe and Africa
  • Championing African women and girl’s issues at the highest level – providing expertise, technical support and guidance to government advisers and policymakers

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