Young people

Young people

We believe that creating long-lasting change, begins with empowering our future generations to be change-makers in their communities. We engage with youth in multiple ways and spaces – equipping them with the knowledge, confidence and resources to develop their own initiatives and to raise awareness of key issues, by engaging with peers in their communities.

Youth advocacy is about passion in the face of adversity. It’s about challenging the status quo and championing for youth voices to be heard at all levels. Our Young people Speak Out programme (YPSO) works with young people (16-25) by developing their skills as youth advocates in their communities. We support them to develop projects, events and workshops to raise awareness of harmful practices affecting African women and girls.

Young People Speak Out (YPSO) offers young people the chance to gain skills and help create change in their communities. It is a programme that provides skills, training and support for young people (16 -25) and works with them to create projects, events and workshops in their local communities as a way to raise awareness about FGM in the UK.

“The message I take is that there are so many fantastically well informed young black women in this country and they are the ones that will make so much of a difference in the future of change and improvement for women.” – Participant at FORWARD Youth Meeting

How We Do It

  • Youth Training: Skills building workshops and sessions on leadership, FGM, campaigning and gender based violence.
  • Young Women’s Hub: Supporting young people to organise events, projects and peer education for their communities, peers and friends. The youth advocates are also involved in youth empowerment and campaigning projects.
  • Young Women’s Advisory Council:was developed to help FORWARD integrate the voices and perspectives of young women into its work.
  • Public Awareness Events and Projects: Organising creative, interactive and inspiring events to raise awareness of FGM, including spoken word and music events, photography exhibitions and film screenings.
  • Outreach and Support: Emotional support for young women affected by or at risk of FGM, as well as supporting them to access specialised medical support. We are always more than willing to just have a chat about things – the first step is breaking the silence.
  • School Awareness Project: We deliver FGM awareness sessions to schools, colleges, universities, and youth centres. We deliver sessions to both students/young people as well staff or adults working with young people.
  • Youth Friendly FGM Resources: Getting the information and the facts to young people in a way that is creative, fun, engaging and easy to understand. It’s important for young people to be in the know.
  • Research: Young people’s experiences, knowledge and attitudes of FGM are important too. We conduct research with young people to make sure you get heard.

 How You Can Get Involved

Contact us for information about upcoming events, free training and opportunities as well as projects.
Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter
Volunteer  your time
Ask us to come in and speak to your class, group or community
Read our youth friendly resources


We are the future leaders, doctors, midwives, social workers and teachers which is why it is imperative that we learn NOW why FGM and child marriage are wrong.

Habon Duale, FORWARD Youth Advocate

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