Bristol Community Project on FGM: Sharing insights, achievements and lessons

Since 2007 Bristol has been determined to end the practice and joined the fight to safeguard girls from the practice of FGM and to provide support to those affected. A group of brave and inspiring women from Bristol FGM-affected communities have joined forces to tackle this human rights violation and lead social actions to bring an end to FGM. The Bristol women have launched a visionary and dedicated social movement of empowered women to raise awareness of the harm of FGM. The Bristol FGM Community Development and Awareness Project recognises that this is a battle of hearts and minds and a campaign to challenge a deeply rooted social tradition.
The Bristol FGM Community Development and Awareness Programme is a unique and pioneering partnership model where FORWARD, as the leading national organisation to end FGM, brought decades of expertise and knowledge to the city and embarked on nearly a decade long programme to train, nurture and mentor local women to lead change. In this partnership model, Refugee Women of Bristol, a local organisation, has provided the space and the conducive atmosphere for local women to build their campaign and develop critical leadership skills to challenge cultural and social norms.