FGM in Europe: Exploring Young African diaspora women’s views, experiences & activism

FORWARD and FGM European Network are pleased to launch our new peer research examining young African diaspora women’s views, experiences and activism on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Europe.

The research explores young women’s perspectives on several areas in relation to FGM in selected European countries – UK, Norway, Denmark, and Spain. These notably include their perception of the current practices and attitudes towards FGM within their diaspora communities and among their peers. The study also explores young women’s opinions and experiences of FGM-related support services and legal frameworks in the European country they live in. Finally, it seeks to understand the opportunities and challenges that young diaspora women face in engaging in activism related to FGM within their communities in Europe.

This research is funded by the UNFPA Global Spotlight Initiative, Comic Relief and the Schwab Charitable Fund.