Book Launch: ‘Something is Different this Morning’

Book Launch: ‘Something is Different this Morning’

On Menstrual Hygiene Day, we are proud and excited to launch ‘Something is Different This Morning’, a children’s book about a young black girl’s first period authored by Cynthia Pokuah and illustrated by Sakina Saïdi.

Cynthia was part of TuWezeshe Akina Dadaour young feminist leadership programme. As a TuWezeshe Fellow, Cynthia hosted a number of workshops with schoolgirls aged 11-14 and discovered that many girls had limited knowledge about menstruation. ‘Something is Different This Morning’ is therefore a product of Cynthia’s determination to challenge the social stigma surrounding menstruation and educate young girls about their periods and menstrual hygiene.

The book educates children about periods through the eyes of a young girl named Nyoka. Nyoka wakes up one morning to discover she has started menstruating and expresses her excitement – not shame – to her supportive parents. Following Nyoka on her journey towards womanhood will empower girls to challenge menstruation myths, discuss periods with friends and teachers, manage stomach cramps, use ‘period kits’ and practice self-care.

We take pride in confronting taboo topics and empowering girls and young women. Together, we will end menstruation stigma. Period.