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Book Launch – “The Day Kadi Lost Part of Her Life”

Book Launch – “The Day Kadi Lost Part of Her Life”

Kadi’s first scream went through me like a dagger … Kadi, the cheerful four-year-old, had just discovered pain, the horror of tradition. They had circumcised her on a rafia mat …

Isabel Ramos Rioja’s article, published in a Spanish magazine, expressed the horror and naked truth of what so many African girls were undergoing. The account stirred and touched many hearts, leading to the article being published into a book along with the photography by Kim Manresa. The finished work documents the day that Kadi is genitally mutilated, inviting the reader to reflect and be confronted with the reality of this practice. Together with the startling photos, this book is hare “to swallow”, but it is hoped to create awareness of this harmful tradition, rallying readers to campaign against it.

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