Call for FGM Diaspora Change-makers

Call for FGM Diaspora Change-makers

FORWARD, an implementing partner in the UNFPA Spotlight Programme “Accelerating African-Led Diaspora Change Makers”, is conducting a study on the impact that African diaspora change makers have made in the movement to end female genital mutilation (FGM).

FORWARD is seeking to celebrate and highlight individuals and organisations and their ability to bring about positive change in ending FGM by collecting real-life experiences and personal stories which can inspire, motivate, influence others to drive and achieve positive change to end FGM, in the areas of legislation, policy, health, community attitudes etc.

The work of African Diaspora change-makers in ending FGM in the Diaspora and ‘at home’ is often undocumented, ignored, and overshadowed by work carried out by non-Africans. This study seeks to change this narrative and recognise individuals and organisations from diaspora communities, including survivors of FGM and activists who continue to play a key role in ending the practice of FGM.

As Diaspora African change-makers, these individuals have the trust and respect of their communities, which are central attributes to changing the community behaviours and social norms supporting FGM. Often, women-led African diaspora organisations/individuals addressing FGM create a different dynamic when talking about FGM because they are from the same communities, have a similar backgrounds and understandings of the social norms surrounding FGM.

This is a call for Diaspora individuals or African-led organisations that have championed proven interventions in ending FGM or supported local communities to prevent FGM and providing services/care for girls and women affected by FGM.

We are very keen to hear from you in this study. Please get in touch and share your own experiences, tell us about other change makers in your networks as well.

If you would like to take part or nominate an individual or organisation, please contact us on [email protected] by 13 October 2021.

To participate, please email us your name and contact details. To nominate an individual or an organisation, please email us their information as per the below:

  • Name of individual or organisation
  • Contact email / number
  • Why do you think they are a change-maker to end FGM?

Thank you so much for supporting this initiative!!