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FORWARD Nigeria Has Commenced

FORWARD Nigeria Has Commenced

The Women’s Health and Development project, in Kano state, Nigeria, started in October this year with funding from DfID, the National Lottery Charities Board and the Baring Foundation.

This is an innovative project, which adopts a multi-dimensional approach to meet the diversity of problems for women in the multiple roles that they perform.

The main goal of the project is to mobilise the community of Dambatta, Kano, towards initiating a sustainable programme for improving women’s health and development. The project will build on existing community act-invites, and integrate them through the creation of a co-ordination mechanism directed at raising the quality of women’s health, through economic, social and nutritional education.

The project is being implemented by FORWARD Nigeria and co-ordinated by FORWARD UK. Rahmat Mohammad, FORWARD’s project co-ordinator, has now set up the Nigeria office in Kano. Addition-ally, the Deputy Director of the Social Welfare has handed over a building for the rehabilitation Centre.

The project was officially launched through a series of technical workshops and seminars at the end of November. Participants included international, national and local community-based organisations, local community leaders, and professionals from Ministries of Education, Agriculture, Health, social Welfare and Home Economics.

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