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Function for Fashion: Raising Awareness of Gender-Based Violence

Function for Fashion: Raising Awareness of Gender-Based Violence


Hem Matsi, one of Namibia’s most prominent fashion designers, is organising a Brandenburg climb from April 18-21 in order to raise awareness of gender-based violence. In order to fund her adventure, Glamour’s Fashion and Diamond Show was held at the National Theatre of Namibia this past Thursday.

Three labels, Hem Matsi from the Hem Collection, Rauna Namuhuya from The Ensembles Collection and the Rachel Creations presented their music-influenced fashion designs. All funds are going towards ending gender-based violence.

Matsi is deeply connected to this issue: she represented Namibia at the Africa Unite Mount Kilimanjaro climb, where 36 African countries climb the mountain to raise awareness of gender violence.

Matsi believes that empowering women through fashion and glamour is a great tool to generate comprehension of her cause.

“We want violence against women to stop so we can all shine like diamonds,” she says.

If you are interested in participating in Matsi’s climb or becoming a sponsor, email Matsi at [email protected].

by Francesca Toscano, Intern at FORWARD


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