Ghana: Forced Marriage Still Practised in Bawku West District

Ghana: Forced Marriage Still Practised in Bawku West District

A research conducted by the World Vision Ghana has revealed that early betrothal and elopement with girls are still being practiced in Bawku West District due to the high poverty rate in the area, and the desire of parents to collect high priced dowry from prospective in-laws. This was made known at a workshop in Zebilla to highlights some of the research findings.

It also formed part of the NGO’s 15-year Child Educational sponsorship and development programmes which begin this year.

An officer from the World Vision Ghana, Joseph Ayembilla said women in the area have limited access to micro-credit because of politicization of the scheme. He said some of the women said they are denied access to credit because they do not belong to a particular political party.

Mr. Ayembilla said during the research it was realized that there was high intake of the local gin, ‘akpeteshi’ and a high rate of migration of the youth to the southern sector of the country. The area is also found to have high illiteracy rate, poor sanitation, inadequate potable water and desertification as some of the developmental challenges.

The Bawku West District Chief Executive, Desmond Bugbila said the assembly is ready to partner the NGO for accelerated development. He said the assembly had spent GHC10,000 to provide office accommodation for the NGO and appealed to other NGOs to partner the assembly to improve the lives of the people.

Source: GBC Ghana – 6 April 2008