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International News – Campaigning on FGM in Ethiopia

International News – Campaigning on FGM in Ethiopia

Mimi Ramsey, not satisfied with campaigning mainly in the USA, decided to take off to a rural area of Ethiopia to conduct her campaign to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Being Ethiopian herself, communication was not a problem.

Mimi reported that her two month’s stay in Ethiopia was a great experience for her. Having left Ethiopia 25 years ago, she did not know where or how to start her campaign. But Mimi does not need any particular setting to carry out the campaign against FGM. She started campaigning on the aircraft on her way to Addis Ababa and continued until she arrived home. Here a neighbour took her to a nearby village clinic where she carried out her regular talks on harmful traditional practices affecting the health of women, with particular emphasis on FGM.

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