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Kenya: State to Build Birth Facility in Garissa

Kenya: State to Build Birth Facility in Garissa

A new centre to curb post-birth complications will be set up in Garissa before the end of the year.

Danson Mungatana, the Medical Services assistant minister, said the centre would help contain increasing cases of Vesicovaginal Fistula.

The condition commonly known as VVF occurs when the wall separating the bladder and the birth canal is punctured, leading to uncontrolled discharge of urine and stool.

Mothers from communities which practise female genital mutilation and early marriages are the worst affected. “Many women are suffering silently from a child-birth effect, which can be easily treated,” said Mr Mungatana.

A VVF surgery costs Sh200,000 and takes about three weeks to heal. However, the cost is subsidised in Government hospitals where it costs Sh70,000.

Josephine Kibaru, the head of family health department, urged women to seek medication, saying “this condition is breaking families and wrecking lives due to lack of information.”

Author: Morris Aron

Source: Business Daily – 25 August 2008

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