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Nigeria: NMA to Flush Out Quacks in R/S

Nigeria: NMA to Flush Out Quacks in R/S

The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Rivers State Branch has promised to flush out the activities of quacks and all those who practice alternative medicine in Rivers State.

This was stated by the chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association, Dr. Dango G.B. Kalio a in chat with The Tide in his official.

Dr. Kalio further said that during his tenure the NMA will ensure quality health delivery service to the public.

According to him, “we are the custodian to the public therefore, the health care system has the power to do this and no other group can stop this”.

He also mentioned that the NMA will ensure that quackery will be reduced to the barest minimum or possibly eradicate it, so also will the NMA look into the activities of those who practice alternative medicine and their regulatory bodies.

He stated that the practice give misleading information in terms of medicinal treatment to the publics.

The NMA Boss who threw more light on harmful traditional practice such as female genital mutilation, widowhood practice are to be phased out. The World Health Organsiation (WHO) has banned this evil practice.

He also mentioned that NMA will go on Advocacy risks, as well as involve stakeholders, nurses doctors, the public, etc to sensitise them about female genital cutting as it does not confirm any medical advantage on the victim but it leads to dangers of the victim’s life such as bleeding, tetanus infection, difficultly in delivery and of course death.

In his advice, he said no man or woman should subject his or her daughter or wards to female genital cutting, adding that people should seek the doctor’s advice on this issue.

Source: The Tide Online – 1 August 2008

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