Press Release: Launch of Anti-FGM Song – Drop the Razor Blade Old Lady

Press Release: Launch of Anti-FGM Song – Drop the Razor Blade Old Lady


Launch of anti-female genital mutilation song- Drop the razor blade old lady

Saturday 16th June 2018

To mark the International Day of the African Child on Saturday 16th June the African led women’s organisation FORWARD and Tanzanian partners CDF are pleased to launch the new anti-female genital mutilation (FGM) song ‘Ntiai Eembe Koko’ or ‘Drop the razor blade old lady’ by Tanzanian artist RP Mbaula.

Ntiai Eembe Koko is sung in Maasai meaning “Drop the razor blade, old lady,” the song is being launched by FORWARD’s Musicians Unite to End FGM (MUTEFGM) project and will be used by CDF in Tanzania in outreach work with the Maasai speaking communities in the hope of engaging with a younger audience on the issues of FGM and child marriage.

Musicians Unite to End FGM (MUTEFGM) is supporting young male artist RP Mbaula as he is an upcoming Tanzanian rapper, who wishes to use his platform as an artist to raise awareness of important issues amongst his community. He says:

“I wrote this song as I wanted to help rescue the girl child from ngariba’s (cutters) hands. I am from a society which practices FGM so after seeing the effect on girls I decided to use my voice to raise this issue. Thanks to FORWARD who assisted me to achieve my goal to get this message out to my community and worldwide. I believe God has his purpose to make me a spokesperson for those who suffer. Therefore I believe this song will bring a positive impact to the whole society around me. My happiness is seeing a girl child getting educated and not continuing to be humiliated by being married as children and undergoing FGM.”

FORWARD’s Musicians Unite to End FGM project engages with well-known artists to raise awareness of FGM among a wider audience and to audiences of artists whose countries of origin are affected by the issue.

Naomi Reid, FORWARD’s Communications and Events Manager comments: “FORWARD’s Musicians Unite to End FGM (MUTEFGM) project is supporting Tanzanian artist RP Mbaula to reach out to the Maasai community with this song ‘Ntiai Eembe Koko’ as we understand the power of using regional languages in music to spread awareness of the issues of FGM and child marriage. As a young and upcoming male artist RP Mbaula has the ability to reach into people’s homes via radio and TV, influence community members who still believe in these practices and inspire a younger generation into action.”

FGM is an entrenched harmful practice that has affected more than 200 million girls and women globally. Many migrant communities residing in Europe continue the practice. In the UK it is estimated that over 137,000 women are living with the consequences of FGM and 60,000 girls are at risk. In Tanzania alone over 7.9 million women and girls are also living with its consequences.

To view the video ‘Ntiai Eembe Koko/Drop the razor blade old lady’ see here.

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