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Press Release: Over 1000 girls have undergone FGM since the end of October in Tanzania

Press Release: Over 1000 girls have undergone FGM since the end of October in Tanzania

Over 1000 girls have been forced to undergo FGM since the end of October and around 3000 further girls will undergo FGM by the end of the cutting season (beginning of January) if immediate action is not taken.

The UK organisation FORWARD who campaigns against FGM has received reports from project partners Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) in Tanzania that over 600 girls in Tarime, Mara Region, Tanzania have run away from their families and clans to the Masanga Centre for safety in the current ‘cutting season’ in the region.

Although the Kurya Traditional leaders had declared in October 2014 that there would be no FGM this year in Tarime, the communities have gone ahead and started the cutting in secret in late October. With no repercussions from the local government or police the cutting has now began to take place publicly with the ‘after cutting’ ceremonies parading in the streets.

FORWARD and CDF are calling on the Tanzanian Government to take immediate action in Tarime to prevent any further girls being subjected to this human rights abuse, especially since FGM has been illegal in the country since 1998.

CDF have worked with the Butimbaru clan who also agreed not to send their girls through FGM in October 2014. During this cutting season they have been engaging in alternate rites of passage which do not involve FGM.

Press enquiries: Naomi Reid – [email protected]

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