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Reaching Out – FORWARD’s Community Engagements in the UK

Reaching Out – FORWARD’s Community Engagements in the UK

FORWARD has continued to expand our community work and in partnership with various community based organisations has hosted training sessions in England, Wales and Scotland. This includes working with men from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practicing communities, an area FORWARD intends to develop in the future.

FORWARD organised a Somali mixed group (women and men) training session in Birmingham and although initially both men and women felt that a mixed group was inappropriate, the day was a great success with participants referring to the session as a “good opportunity for both sexes to sit together and discuss FGM”.

Following a training in Glasgow members of the Somali Women’s Action Group told FORWARD: “We will kick off the campaign against FGM in Scotland and now it is up to the men to make up their minds and join us, we are not waiting for them!!”

Click here to read FORWARD’s joint paper against FGM with the UK Islamic Cultural Centre and Central Mosque which is available on their website.