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Research on Prevalence of FGM in Kenya

Research on Prevalence of FGM in Kenya

In April 2000, FORWARD sponsored the Agri-Health Initiatives in Kenya to conduct a study on the prevalence of FGM in the Semi-nomadic areas of Kenya, which were not covered by the Kenya Demographic Health Survey.

The aim of the project is conduct a survey estimating the prevalence and incidence of FGM in three divisions in three divisions of the Nakuru district of Kenya. The study will compare social behaviour of those carrying out FGM and those who are affected. The study will also look at the medicalisation of the practice by health professionals and the role they could play in eradication of FGM. The work aims to use the status and influence of health care providers to advance the campaign against FGM, through the dissemination of research findings throughout rural areas.

The study will help to develop intervention strategies to educate the community and health care professionals about the adverse health consequences of FGM and how to care for women and girls who are affected.

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