Sisters Act: FGM, Designer Vaginas and Gender-Based Violence

Sisters Act: FGM, Designer Vaginas and Gender-Based Violence

  1. All other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons

Who Practices FGM?

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Why do they do it?

Although no-one is sure how or why FGM began, there are a number of reasons why it is still practiced today. FGM is a cultural practice. It is not a religious requirement. In many FGM practicing communities FGM is seen as a rite of passage that transforms girls into marriageable women. FGM is practiced in patriarchal societies where women’s sexuality is often highly policed and regulated, thus FGM becomes a way of ‘ensuring’ women’s chastity, ‘preventing’ promiscuity and in some cases ‘protecting’ women from sexual violence (e.g. rape. This is a perverse, misguided view as rape has nothing to do with sexual ‘availability’ and everything to with power and the abuse of that power. FGM for these reasons will still leave girls and women vulnerable to sexual violence, including both anal and/or vaginal rape).

FGM, Culture and the Future

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