Schools Training

Schools Training

We believe that schools play a vital role in protecting and supporting girls affected or at risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Schools hold a unique position to address FGM, because they are connected to families, the wider community, as well as professionals.

Our multi-award-winning UK Schools Programme which is delivered by FORWARD’s experienced facilitators provides a comprehensive, and wide range of age appropriate services and activities for primary and secondary schools; and higher education institutions.

Our services

Our services are designed to support students and their parents, educators and external organisations working with schools to understand the key issues that affect girls from affected communities. We deliver age-appropriate and culturally sensitive sessions at the primary level 5 and 6 and to secondary and college students. We also offer Safeguarding Sessions for all staff members in a train the trainer’s courses.

In 2017-2018 alone, we reached 8,045 students through 183 student sessions and 1,865 staff through 64 sessions. Since 2013, we have reached over 36,000 young people.

Our services cover:

  • One-to-one support for students
  • Outreach Services or Drop-in Sessions: Spaces for young people to get more information. They can be adapted to fit a school’s existing support services or needs.
  • Student Awareness Sessions: Age-appropriate, culturally sensitive and interactive. FORWARD’s FGM lesson plan is flexible and can be tailored to a school’s needs
  • Staff Training: Includes an FGM overview, identifying and safeguarding girls at risk and providing support for those affected by FGM.
  • Youth Friendly Resources 
  • Advice and Guidance for schools: Advice on how to respond and engage on FGM.
  • Parents Sessions
  • Train the Trainers: Training for staff, older students or external organisations who want to deliver FGM sessions in schools.

“Staff said that the content, whilst complex and sometimes shocking, was presented in a balanced, sensitive manner. They found the session relevant, topical and extremely informative.  I know that the staff feel much better informed  and am confident that this will serve us well in our everyday practice, and the safeguarding of our students.”- London Schools

Our awards

  • Community Health Development Award in the Health & Wellbeing Awards 2016. From the Royal Society of Public Health – RSPH.
  • Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development wins the Healthcare and Medical Research category award at The Charity Awards 2015

Contact us – book training or get more information

We also offer bespoke training courses tailored to your specific needs. To arrange an FGM session for your school or training for your staff, for more information, or to register for training, please contact [email protected] 


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