Ade Daramy- FORWARD AmbassadorAde Daramy

Ade Daramy is a Sierra Leonean journalist, broadcaster, social commentator, motivational speaker and media trainer. He has worked with the BBC World Service, he is a presenter on Colourful Radio in the UK and is also an editor at the Journal of Sierra Leone Studies and African lifestyle magazine, Promota Africa.



I agreed to become a FORWARD ambassador having grown up in Sierra Leone and known someone who passed away after going away to be initiated (FGM). I believe the battle is not solely to be fought by women and that men should also play a role in joining in the debate and raising awareness.

Gavin Weston

Gavin Weston

Gavin Weston is an artist, writer and lecturer who has worked in West Africa and in high security prisons in Northern Ireland and across Europe. His debut novel, ‘Harmattan’, was set in Niger and examined the issue of child marriage. FORWARD launched the book with Gavin on International Day of the Girl Child 2012 to raise awareness of this pressing issue. His latest publication, an updated version of Aesop’s Fables, is a collaboration with fellow prison writer Carlo Gebler. – Twitter

I am delighted to have been invited to serve another term as a FORWARD ambassador. Whilst it is frustrating that the scourges of child marriage and FGM persist, I have observed, firsthand, the real impact that FORWARD has made over the last few years, elevating these important issues from taboo subjects shrouded in mystery and ignorance to mainstream media attention and educational programmes in schools and colleges. This has been achieved both by hard work and a dogged determination to ensure parity and safeguarding for all vulnerable girls and women. Little by little we are winning this war, and I am committed and privileged to continue to herald FORWARD’s campaign.

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