Ethiopia- Past

ProFutures Development Initiative

ProFutures Development Initiative (PFDI) is small women led organisation founded in 2013 following PEER research carried out in partnership with FORWARD on child marriage in Ethiopia. The findings of the research informed the setting up of girls’ networks to share knowledge so that girls affected by child marriage can become advocates for their rights. The girls’ networks provide leadership training, education about girls’ rights and income generating activities such as dairy and poultry farming.

The network operates in three locations in Gonder, North Eastern Ethiopia, and is expanding to include girls’ clubs in Addis Ababa, the capital. They are also introducing a schools based programme which aims to help girls from poor families stay in education through financial support, education on girls’ rights, building the leadership capacity and confidence of girls and providing resources such as sanitary pads to overcome the many obstacles that often force girls to drop out of school.