Young Women’s Hub

Young Women’s Hub

FORWARD’s Young Women’s Hub is a platform for young women to meet, network and participate in discussions exploring all aspects of their lived experiences. The Hub holds monthly events with young women aged 18-30 who are from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME). Its overall purpose is to: “Create a safe space that promotes and facilitates BAME young women’s engagement in ending violence against women and girls”.  

Among traditional VAWG topics, the Hub also holds the ‘Red Issues Series’, which explores “taboo” topics that require debunking and open discussion amongst the women they affect. Approaching these topics can sometimes be difficult and awkward but they can facilitate a journey to self-acceptance, ownership and solidarity. Our Red Issues Series explores topics from sexual pleasure, reproductive rights, designer vaginas, to black women “fetish”.

The talk on sexual identity was something different and a great opportunity to dissect a topic rarely spoken about, Young Women’s Hub event attendee.


For information about the Hub’s upcoming events see our Events page!




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